Webinar Opportunity! Fish and Tackling Sustainable Production

National Good Food Network Webinar

Fish and Tackling Stimulating Sustainable Production

Thursday, Sep 15
3:30 – 4:45pm ET (12:30 – 1:45pm PT)

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On first blush, seafood seems quite different from our other food. Fishing is the last domain where most of the supply is hunted, rather than cultivated. Furthermore, we consume a much wider variety of aquatic animal species than terrestrial ones.

And yet so many of the lessons sustainable food systems promoters have learned apply to seafood as well – small scale tends to mean lower impact, local and short value chains increase the rewards to careful stewards of resources, and geography matters.

This webinar will examine how large-scale fishing compromises the environment, the return to traditional methods, the value of fishing certifications, and a truly innovative and sustainable approach to seafood farming. It will connect the problems and solutions of “landfood” with our other, often forgotten, source of food- the sea.

Join Niaz Dorry, executive director of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, and Bren Smith of Greenwave for this eye-opening webinar.

Part 1 of our Stimulating Sustainable Production Series, exploring innovations and the state of the art of increasing both the supply and demand for sustainable food at the center of our plates.

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Niaz Dorry



Bren Smith



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