Food Policy Council Map Released by Center for a Livable Future


The Food Policy Networks project at the Center for a Livable Future just released a new map that shows the location of Food Policy Councils (FPCs) in the United States and Canada, and the locations of organizations that convene these councils at a regional level.

Check out the map here:


Mississippi Food Policy Council Mississippi

Dr. DeMarc Hickson, President
My Brother’s Keeper, 710 Avignon Drive Ridgeland, MS 39157




Independent Grassroots Coalition

Top Priorities

Education, Purchasing (Farm to School, Farm to Institution, Cottage Food Industry), Other

Notable Achievements

Through a resolution drafted and championed by the MFPC and its partners, the Mississippi; Legislature designated the first week of October as “Mississippi Farm to School Week.” In response to discussions with the Mississippi Food Policy Council (MFPC), the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) now gives wireless Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) machines to farmers market managers, allowing SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) recipients to purchase any eligible products at farmers markets. The MFPC worked with legislators to draft and pass legislation that created an Interagency Farm to School Council. The Interagency Council will facilitate the procurement and use of locally grown and locally raised agricultural products in school meals in order to improve the quality of food served in schools and to support the state economy. The MFPC worked with legislators to pass legislation exempting cottage food production operations from certain licensing requirements. This new cottage food exemption creates a viable option for in-home production of jellies, jams and other low-risk foods.


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