Check Out This New Website!


This website makes it easy to find out which legislators to contact about issues that matter to you!

Mississippi Food Policy Council

This website allows you to select your state, your relevant issues (agriculture, appropriations, etc.), and then find out names and contact information for your state representatives based on key issues. There are Senate and House links so you can see parallel committees. Also, the representatives voting records, scorecards, and donors are linked to their names.

Here you go:

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About veggiedr

Christine is an Associate Research and Extension Professor of Urban Horticulture at the Mississippi State University Coastal Research and Extension Center in Biloxi, MS. She works as the resident scientist at the Beaumont Horticultural Unit in Perry County, MS. Her research interests include urban agriculture, backyard farming, container gardening, high tunnel production, local foods, horticultural therapy, green roofs, and small farm issues. Christine is passionate about feeding people and growing farmers.

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