Farm to Table at the Garden Center

I have long held that no food is more local than that grown in your own garden.  I was recently reading an article in Today’s Garden Center magazine, “Farm to Table Will Change Us” (Februrary 2015).  The editor, Carol Miller, discusses the impact of the Farm-to-Table movement on the retail garden center industry.  She makes an astute observation:  “At its heart, it’s about actual gardening.”


“Admittedly, many who are into the farm-to-table movement just want to buy fresh, locally grown produce.

2014-03-12 11.57.51 But Gen X and Gen Y also celebrate the geeks among them who dive deeply into whichever hobby they take up.  Call it geek chic.  Enough of these new customers are geeking out over the trend and want to know everything they can about growing the tastiest tomatoes, greens, squash and herbs they can.  And they want to learn inventive ways to prepare their harvest to show off to their friends.”


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