Lunch & Learn with Wayne Porter

The Third Thursday ‘Lunch and Learn’ Home Gardening Workshop Series began in 2011 as a means to provide educational opportunities.  These workshops are designed to give gardeners in-depth knowledge of a particular garden topic. Hopefully, this will translate into more desirable home gardens and landscapes.

Live programs start at 12:05 in the Lauderdale County Extension office on the 5th Floor of the courthouse annex.
These classes are also available by interactive videoconference at your local county extension service office. If you want to attend, please call them in advance to make arrangements.

Please feel free to connect and participate in the programs.

If you have suggestions for future programs, please contact:
Wayne Porter –


January 23* – ‘Cool-season Vegetables’ –This program will cover all aspects of growing the early season garden.

February 20 – ‘Ins and Outs of Grafting Plants’ – A discussion of different grafting techniques and when to use them. Also,
are grafted vegetables in your future?

March 20 – ‘Mulching Mania’ – It is the time of the year to start applying mulch in the landscape. Proper selection and
application will ease problems later on.

April 17 – ‘Rain Barrel Basics, Free Water for the Taking’ – How to construct and use a rain barrel.

May 15 – ‘Basic Landscaping and Mistakes to Avoid’ – How to plan your landscape before you plant your first plant so
you can avoid many common mistakes.

June 19 – ‘Weed Control in the Lawn and Landscape’ – Basic directions on chemical and non-chemical weed control

July 17 – ‘Common Plant Problems’ – There are many reoccurring problems with plants in the garden and landscape.
Learn how to deal with them.

August 21 – ‘Poisonous Plants and How to Live with Them’ – Learn about many plants we grow in the landscape that are potentially dangerous. Some discussion of native plants will also be included.

September 18 – ‘Water Gardens’ – Water gardens will add a new dimension to your landscape. We will look at the basics to building a successful one.

October 16 – ‘Rain Gardens’ – Construct a garden this winter to collect winter rain water and recharge the deep soil.

November 20 – ‘Backyard Fruit Production’ – Proper planning and planting will make your home orchard more successful.

December – No program – Merry Christmas!!!

*This is actually the fourth Thursday of January, but only the third Thursday that we work.


Dr. Wayne Porter
Regional Extension Specialist – Horticulture
410 Constitution Ave. , 5th Floor
Meridian, MS 39301
Phone: 601-482-9764
Fax: 601-482-9777
Discrimination based upon race, color, religion, sex, national
origin, age, disability, or veteran’s status is a violation
of federal and state law and MSU policy and will not
be tolerated. Discrimination based upon sexual orientation
or group affiliation is a violation of MSU policy and
will not be tolerated.


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