This a great example of “your tax dollars at work!”

Mississippi Fruit and Nut Blog

I often get requests to go to a farm and see about a certain problem or issue that has cropped up.  I am happy to do this as it is part of my job.  But, sometimes on these visits I hear the comment that, “my tax dollars pay for this visit” or something akin to that.  Is that true?  Well, yes and no.  Tax dollars may go toward that visit indirectly, but how much would a visit cost if there was no Extension Service?  For example, if the only option was to call a consultant what would that cost the growers?  Let’s look at an example:

A consultant who lives in Poplarville, MS is called to visit a vineyard in Corinth, MS.  The distance is 319 miles.  The consultant spends 5 hours driving each way, plus spends a couple hours with the grower.  It is a long drive, so the…

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