Here’s Dr. Stafne’s update on the new high tunnel!

Mississippi Fruit and Nut Blog

With the assistance of Dr. Christine Coker and her crew, a new high tunnel is being constructed at the South Mississippi Research and Extension Center in Poplarville.  It is 24 ft by 60 ft long.  Right now it doesn’t have the plastic on it, as nothing is currently in it, the plastic isn’t really necessary.  I plan to put some plants in it probably in November.  My plan right now is to put in some Passiflora incarnata and possibly blackberries, depending on how much room I have and how many plants I can get my hands on.  See the photos below for an idea of what the high tunnel looks like during its construction.

Attendees of the Ornamental Field Day on October 4, 2012 will have a chance to take a look at the high tunnel and learn a bit about its purpose and construction.  More information on the Ornamental…

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