Woolmarket Elementary School Garden

Another great school I have the pleasure of working with is Woolmarket Elementary in Biloxi.  Their garden was highlighted recently on the school’s website.

Shirley Hardman and her class learn responsibility and teamwork while enjoying planting a garden.  The gardening project provided a wealth of opportunities for the students to get their hands dirty while learning lessons in many different areas of curriculum. The fundamental rule of gardening is that it takes responsibility and teamwork. If plants are not watered they will die, if weeds aren’t pulled it gets more difficult to weed the garden. Students learned how to be responsible by taking care of something and seeing the consequences when they didn’t do the work. They learned to work together to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water the plants and stay on top of the weeding. Learning to appreciate the wonder and power of nature is the core of an environmental education. By tending the garden and taking care of their environment, they see that they are helping nature make the magic happen.




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