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Food for Thought Series


Last night I had the pleasure of being the guest speaker at the Food for Thought Series at the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center in Ocean Springs.  I was tasked with giving a short talk on ‘Tomatoes”.  Before my talk, delectable tomato dishes were served up in the IP Culinary Arts Cafe.  We had tomato and pork kebabs on polenta, tomato pie, and gazpacho.  For dessert, a surprisingly yummy tomato-caramel tartlet.  Thanks to the nearly 50 folks who shared an evening with me!

New Books!


I am such a lucky girl!  My colleague, Gary, just hooked me up with some new titles!

The Growing Classroom:  Garden-Based Science

How to Grow a School Garden

Nourishing Choices:  Implementing Food Education in Classrooms, Cafeterias, and Schoolyards

Cultural Uses of Plants:  A Guide to Learning about Ethnobotany

No Student Left Indoors:  Creating a Field Guide to Your Schoolyard

Catch the Wind, Harness the Sun

Literature in the Garden

Botany on Your Plate:  Investigating the Plants We Eat

Monsantophobia Explained


Monsantophobia: A schizophrenic bi-polar like condition characterized by an irrational fear of modern science and technology as it relates to food production in general, and in many cases specifically related to Monsanto Corporation.  Monsantophobia is prevalent throughout the population, including those with either left or right wing political tendencies.

Monsantophobia is NOT TO BE CONFUSED with a general concern for food safety, or even general criticism of biotechnology, or refusal to consume, grow, or market GMO products. Where criticism and fear of biotechnology crosses the line is when one attempts to project their personal preferences related to biotechnology onto others through petitioning the government for laws, regulations, or other restrictions that override or limit other people’s preferences about biotechnology and food production. This obsession to limit the freedoms of others, and control their day to day personal choices from gate to plate is the most egregious aspect of what can be characterized as monsantophobia.
(Excerpted from