Monthly Archives: May 2012

Ms. Koen’s Kinder “Garden” Class


Believe it or not, I am in the center of this group hug!

I have had the great pleasure of working with Lisa Koen and her kindergarten students at East Central Lower Elementary.  We started a new Children’s Garden at the school.  The kids have been so engaged!  Today was our last day in the garden before these little folks head to First Grade.

Hancock County Seniors Center


I spent a pleasant morning at the Hancock County Seniors Center in Bay St. Louis yesterday.  Over 40 folks were interested in learning about container gardening.  We put together a quick and easy herb garden…all contained in a single strawberry pot!

We also did a big bowl of sun coleus.  ‘Electric Lime” was a popular variety.  I trimmed all the plants before potting them up.  The gardeners in the room anxiously grabbed up the cuttings to take home to root.

Just for fun I assembled a “Cheater’s Container”.  I used a small galvanized tub with a handle.  In it I placed a couple of coleus plants and a dusty miller in the middle.  Topping it off with some Spanish moss will give it a finishing touch.  It’s a great example of how everyday household objects can be turned into an instant garden!