Monthly Archives: April 2012

Opal Smith Garden


Went over to rejuvenate the raised bed garden at the Opal Smith Day Center.  Turned out to be a no-go.  The box was covered with weeds and had been taken over by a fire ant colony.  I even got those little suckers in my garden gloves!

I did get a few Mini Charm grape tomatoes planted in the Earth Box, though, and left a tray of petunias for the containers.

We’ll try again next week!

National Guard Training


Shared a great afternoon with the Agricultural Development Team of the Mississippi National Guard at the Beaumont Horticultural Unit.  These guys will be deployed to Afghanistan this fall to do agricultual work.  The goal of their mission is to build trust and respect between the citizens and the Afghan government via the Afghan equivalent of our Cooperative Extension Service.  Teaching folks better ag practices is a side benefit!

Agricultural Outreach


I spent the day in Pass Christian attending an Agricultural Outreach Field Day at the Farm of Dr. Broome.  It was a great day to spend in the sunshine!  We learned about NRCS programs, FSA funding, record keeping tips, and pasture establishment and maintenance for horses.


Another Field Day is scheduled to be held at Beaumont.  details forthcoming…